Sleep yourself healthy.

Sleep as a means to better health

During sleep, our body regenerates, new knowledge is processed and diseases are fended off. Sleep can process stress and is the foundation for a day full of energy. Besides a balanced diet and exercise, restful sleep is the key to a physically and mentally healthy life. The need for sleep is very individual and depends on different aspects such as age remove and physics. The quality of sleep is more important than the length of time asleep. Signs of a lack of sleep quality can show in long periods of falling asleep, waking up at night and getting up without energy or with pain.

For a healthy and sustainable sleep system, get professional advice from Magic Schlaf Zug.

My bed & I

An important requirement for healthy sleep is a good and, above all, suitable bed that is tailored to your personal needs and your own body. After all, we spend about one third of our life time sleeping. Therefore, a bed is the most important and most regularly used piece of furniture in your home.

Sleep disorders are widespread in Switzerland. Every fourth person has problems falling asleep, wakes up prematurely or several times during the night. Insufficient quality of sleep or too little sleep make you sick in the long run. This has been scientifically proven. In order for your bed to provide you with as much healthy sleep as possible, it should fulfil various conditions.

A bed system is like a tailor-made suit and must fit exactly. The important thing is the person who sleeps in it. Through our extensive personal Magic expert analysis, also possible through digital measurement, followed by the resulting test bed, we find the ergonomically perfect sleeping system for our customers, which enables a new level of relaxation and regeneration.

The selection of beds is enormous, but which bed is the right one for you? Let us advise you.

For a magical sleep, night after night.

Sleep smart

Magic tips for a magical sleep – night after night…


  • Enjoy a light meal in the evening.
  • Wait until you are tired and go to bed when your need for sleep is acute.
  • The bedroom should be quiet, darkened, cool and well ventilated.
  • Make sure the mattress, comforter and pillow are clean.
  • Mental and emotional stimuli keep you awake, so switch off your TV and computer. Smartphones always on flight mode overnight. Don’t worry, the alarm will ring anyway.
  • Evening rituals help you to settle down. Try out a warm bath or a cup of herbal tea before you go to bed.
  • Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or meditation are also useful and can easily be learned.
  • Evening walks, gentle yoga or Tai-Chi help to quickly reach a relaxation phase before falling asleep.
Altes Paar im Bett

Sleep 50 plus

Getting older is inevitable. But the how lies in your hands.

That older people need less sleep is only partly true. They often sleep only five to six hours a night but take several naps during the day.

More than half of the over-50s do not feel that their sleep is optimal. Many are disturbed by problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night. In fact, older people have more frequent interruptions in their nightly sleep: Many seniors cannot sleep long at one stretch and wake up briefly 60 – 150 times during the night. Bad sleeping habits, hygiene and lack of comfort can also contribute to a deterioration of sleep.

At a mature age, it is also important to set up a sleeping place where you feel comfortable and are not disturbed. For many couples, it is part of the routine to sleep in the same bedroom. Surely there is nothing better than feeling safe and close. But if a man or woman suffers it is advisable to think about separate bedrooms.

Separate bedrooms can also be great…

  • Everyone can furnish their bedroom as they like
  • No consideration for the sleeping rhythm and habits of the other
  • The sexual desire remains longer
  • Time only for yourself
  • No disturbances by any noises (snoring)
  • More peaceful sleep
  • Better relaxation

Separate beds for better sleep
It is a fact that every person has his own sleep rhythm, different needs and sleeping habits. Therefore, compromises are inevitably made when we share a bed.

To you or to me
Granted, falling asleep and waking up together feels good and is often missed. However, separate bedrooms do not rule out the possibility of sleeping in the same bed from time to time. The question then is: In your or my bedroom?

Find the best way for a magical sleep, talk openly to your partner and then with us. We will be happy to assist you!

Betten 50plus

Getting older is inevitable. But the how lies in your hands.


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