Magic Quality

Magic begins in the here and now.

For over 20 years our name has stood for healthy sleep, professional consultation and first-class employees. With our team of subject experts, we aim to provide the best quality for a unique sleeping experience: from waterbeds and airbeds to box springs and natural beds.

Sales according to set guidelines? Not with us. We are creative minds who make a visit to our showroom a real experience for our customers. Whether the bedroom is to be transformed into an oasis of well-being or the matching pillow is missing which would allow falling asleep in harmony, our experienced team offers you creative, individual and customized solutions.

We are constantly developing and improving the quality of our services and place great value on our customer’s feedback. We want to inspire you, make you laugh and awaken emotions. At Magic Schlaf we do not sell simple objects, but a special feeling for a magical sleep experience.

Magic begins
in the here and now

You are how
you sleep.

The customer is our priority

You are the focus of our attention!

Our customers
We recognize the wishes and needs of our customers. We make you feel comfortable and understood. We allow every customer the time needed and provide a unique shopping experience in our showroom or during a personal consultation at their home.

Sleep smart
We aim to point out the true significance of a good bed to make people more aware of its importance. A healthy and good night’s sleep leads to a better quality of life, which is the foundation of a good state of health.

Only the best products are good enough for our customers
Due to a carefully selected and structured range of beds every customer will find the perfect bed at Magic Schlaf. Whenever possible, we focus on the best Swiss quality products.

Highest priority – consultation, service and support
Professional individual consultation, service and support are always our top priority.

Highest commitment – our obligation
We commit ourselves to fulfil our company’s economic and social mission in order to ensure the long-term viability of Magic Schlaf.

Highest goal – We want to be number one
Through original and striking advertising, we aim to attract widespread attention to achieve and maintain new long-term customer relations. Magic Schlaf Zug stands for healthy sleep and long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Client feedback

of Son Ja:

Very nice service, very helpful, good guidance received with a lot of fun and humour was our waterbed assembled, thanks for taking the long ride. 😘

by Tino Zimmermann:

An investment that has paid off! Finally, a really good night’s sleep again. Super bed, perfect advice, expert team! With pleasure again. 🙂

from TJU:

The waterbed and maintenance are always TOP. I recommend it highly.

by Thomas Green:

An incredibly friendly and competent advice with passion.

by Abraham Lichterfeld:

Nice, friendly and exchange without problems.

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Our history

A magical journey…

The history of the specialized bedding store is above all, personal. Beat and Heidi Leutenegger founded Magic Schlaf in 1997 in the heart of the city of Zug. High quality standards and personal attention to the needs of each individual customer are the key to over 20 years of successful company history.

Thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm and tireless effort, Magic Schlaf Zug has become a most popular and frequently consulted bedding store. The Continuing education of the entire team, the constant adaptation to the changes in the market and customer needs, all determine the appearance and an unsurpassed selection of beds and bedding accessories.

Over 20 years Magic Schlaf Zug!

In 2016 Beat and Heid Leutenegger successfully handed over the business to their long-time employee Mr. Benno Achermann. In a magical sense he continues to lead the business passionately with a lot of innovation and always on the pulse of time.

Our mission:
to sell you the bed that promotes your well-being around the clock.