Experience the fascination of a waterbed

Akva Wasserbetten


And all your dreams can become reality!

The waterbed is undoubtedly the most adaptable bed and offers an exceptional sleep comfort with longer periods of deep sleep. The unique body support and healthy relaxation are the best medicine for our bodies to recover. Nowhere else does the body regenerate as well as during a good night’s sleep.

Water provides an immediate adaptation to your body and the changing sleep positions. The first sensation of lying on water might be a bit unusual, but after one or two seconds you’ll feel the lasting relief of the spine and the total relaxation of your body. A water mattress provides lasting support and relief for your back and the intervertebral discs. Physique and weight do not play a role. The pleasant temperature of a waterbed is a positive factor for rheumatism and arthritis patients. Due to its excellent hygiene, the waterbed is also a great advantage for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

The waterbed is a complete bed, which can also be inserted into any existing bed frame. Choose between different models and materials.

Experience the extraordinary feeling in your home and enjoy an unsurpassed relaxation after a few nights and benefit from the same excellent lying comfort for years to come.

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To dream means…
to look over the horizon.

An air bed is a sleeping system that ensures a back-friendly and comfortable lying position. The air bed completes the idea of individually adjusted sleeping comfort. The air chambers form a constant, optimum pressure distribution over the entire body to avoid pressure points.

One of the most significant advantages of an air bed is its durability. It does not show any material fatigue, as the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted at any time. You will always enjoy a high level of comfort and support.

The basis for a good day.

Dream big and brave.

Boxspring bed

Dream big and brave.

With a box spring bed you are in vogue. In the USA they have been in almost every bedroom for over a hundred years and also in Scandinavia they have been popular for a very long time.

An essential difference to the conventional European beds is that the box spring bed consists of three perfectly matched elements, which guarantee the highest quality of sleep comfort. Those elements are:

Equipped with pocket spring core
Available with or without adjustable head- and foot positioning
Available with drawers
Choose between different materials, shapes and heights

Pocket spring mattress
Personally tailored to you in different degrees of firmness.

Provides even more sleeping comfort. Available in different materials and degrees of firmness.

Conformity with the right
box spring bed!

Due to its special appearance, the box spring bed also gives the impression of a harmonious and cosy place of retreat. The special bed height makes it convenient to get in and out of bed.

The box spring bed stands for highest quality standards and sleep comfort. The variety, the selection, the level of quality and the price ranges are extremely diverse. Therefore, there is no limit to your own creation.

We look forward to consult with you in our showroom or at the convenience of your home.

Sleep made to your specifications

Live your dream – incomparable – adaptable

A bed and a mattress should fit you like a tailor-made suit. Each person is built differently and has individual needs and sleeping habits. We provide you with the sleeping system that is the most adaptable to your body and which can be adjusted at any time.

The best sleep outcomes are achieved when the base frame and pillow are configured in such a way that the performance of the mattress is elevated.

Individual sleep culture begins with expert advice from Magic Schlaf.

Personally perfectly adapted

Embur Komfortbett
Betten 50plus

Sleep is a condition essential for survival.

Bed 50 plus

It is never too late
to make your dreams come true.

Who lies comfortably – sleeps better! Plain and simple, that is the reality! Many things change in the advanced years of life, among them your sleeping habits. We aim to provide the best quality products to fulfil all sleeping needs of all our customers at any age.

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Profine Beluga Chess

Your dream bed

Share your dreams with us
and we will make them come true.

Create your individual dream bed and choose from countless combinations of headboards, bed frames and foot variations in different kinds of materials such as wood, fabric, leather and foot variations.

Passionate love and uncompromising care for the little details in manufacturing make each bed unique with a distinct difference.

We look forward to consult with you in our showroom or at the convenience of your home.

We make dreams come true.

Tempur Boxspringbett

Tempur Bed

The important thing is to have dreams.

Anyone who has ever slept on a TEMPUR mattress will feel the difference to a conventional mattress. The viscoelastic material reacts to your body temperature and adapts perfectly to your body shape within seconds. You will experience an immediate relaxation and the feeling of weightlessness.

Tempur has a wide range of mattresses with different comfort and firmness characteristics. The models of the bed frames are also diverse.

We look forward to consult with you in our showroom or at the convenience of your home.

Wake up as the happiest version of yourself.

Nature bed

Allow yourself to dream, it is the way to the stars.

Solid wooden bedframes
are perfectly handcrafted with great attention to detail. Choose your favourite wood and we will have the natural wooden bed frame custom-made for you.

Natural latex mattresses
Natural latex is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. The production of latex mattresses is very complex – the resulting sleeping comfort clearly stands out from all other types of mattresses. They are also superior to conventional mattresses in terms of body adaptation.

As a Latex mattress is very hygienic and inhibits the growth of house dust mites, it is ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

Find out more in a personal consultation in our showroom or at your home.


Designbed Bretz

Bretz beds – bold,
extraordinary, unique…

Each design bed from Bretz is a handmade unique piece of furniture. Bretz beds are produced with its unmistakable characteristics to combine comfort and design.

Design your own individual Bretz bed and choose from a wide range of colours and fabrics.

We look forward to consult with you in our showroom or at the convenience of your home.


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