The waterbed is undoubtedly the most adaptable and supporting bed with all its positive factors such as weightlessness, pressure relief, temperature regulation, hygiene and durability. The modern waterbed has evolved enormously and offers an exceptional and consistent sleep comfort for many years to come.

The water mattress supports your back sustainably and the intervertebral discs are optimally relieved. The pleasant temperature of a waterbed is an important factor for rheumatism and arthritis patients. Due to its excellent hygiene, the waterbed is highly advantageous for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

The waterbed is a complete bed, which can also be inserted into any existing bed frame. It is also available in different box spring designs. Choose between different models, sizes and materials.

Experience the extraordinary lying comfort in our showroom and let us give you expert advice.

Experience the fascination of a waterbed.

Your waterbed is an investment in your health, as it guarantees an exceptional lying comfort with longer periods of rest and deep sleep.

Perfect bed climate
Cooling in the summer and warming in the winter due to its adjustable temperature regulation of the mattress.

Our waterbeds are manufactured and produced in Denmark under one roof. Choose between different models and materials.

Best hygiene
Champagne, massage oil, sweat, dust or pet hair are all no problem for your waterbed. All covers are washable and the bed content can be completely cleaned and sanitized.

Air bed

The air bed is a sleeping system that ensures a back friendly and comfortable lying position. The air bed encourages and provides individually adjusted sleeping comfort. The air chambers form a constant and optimal pressure distribution over the entire body, avoiding discomfort and pressure points. A significant advantage of an air bed is its durability. It does not show material fatigue, as the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted with air at any time. You will always enjoy a high level of comfort and support.

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Air bed

Like sleeping
on clouds.

The airbed is an investment for your health as it guarantees exceptional restful lying comfort for many years to come.

Easy care
The air chambers are constructed with easy to clean and lightweight material. The fabrics and topper are washable and can be sanitized.

Your wish – our passion
We produce and customize your airbed according to your personal needs and wishes.

Best hygiene
Champagne, massage oil, sweat, dust or pet hair are all no problem for the airbed. All covers are washable, and the bed content can be completely cleaned and sanitized.

Box spring bed

The box spring bed is in vogue. In the USA they have been in almost every bedroom for over a hundred years and in Scandinavia the grand beds have also been around for a long time. The box spring bed signifies the highest standards in design and sleeping comfort.

The box spring bed consists of three perfectly matched elements: The box is equipped with pocket springs, adjustable or non-adjustable, available with drawers in different heights, shapes and materials. The pocket spring mattress is personalized to your needs and sleeping style. The topper adds to the exceptional sleeping comfort.

Dream big and brave.

Sleeping experience
Box spring beds offer exceptional sleep comfort. The box, the mattress and the topper are perfectly matched elements to guarantee the highest quality of lying comfort and adaptation to your body.

There are no limits to your creativity when choosing colors, shapes and materials. The elegance of a Belgian design makes the box spring bed visually unique.

Since the box spring bed is adjustable to your individual sleeping style, it is especially back friendly.

Convenient access
The height of a box spring bed is ideal and makes it very convenient to get in and out of bed.


TRECA is more than just a boxspring bed. The brand offers a lifestyle, even an art of sleep. A “savoir vivre” inspired by the best craftsmanship, French traditions and expertise recognized worldwide. To achieve perfection, every detail counts.

An enrichment for your bedroom
Thanks to a wide variety of models and countless possible combinations of TRECA beds, you can design your place of rest entirely according to your personal wishes. Exclusively handmade in France, carefully sewn and upholstered. The production of a TRECA box spring bed requires outstanding craftsmanship and many years of expertise.

Comfort bed

A comfort bed will raise your quality of life to a new level, improving the excellence of your sleep along the way. Enjoy the fully supportive functionalities of a modern comfort bed and discover its versatility using the automated adjustments for different height and lying positions: With an integrated lift system in your bed, as a single or double bed, perfectly manufactured with wood or upholstery.

Let us demonstrate to you the multiple options of a high-quality, handcrafted comfort bed, enabling you to create and fully customize your comfort bed the way you want it.

Timeless elegance
Carefully selected wooden materials such as oak, beech or walnut form the basis from which our handcrafted comfort beds are made of – either in solid or real wood veneers.

Practical, flexible
The height adjustment also provides optimal support when working around the bed. Whether it’s making the bed, folding laundry and especially in a professional care or nursing situation.

Variable bed height
The various height adjustments guarantee a convenient position to get in and out of your bed at any time.

Optimum comfort
The combination of convenience and adjustability of your lying position will grant you unsurpassed sleeping comfort – giving you an awesome boost for the start of your day!

Beds for today.
And tomorrow.

Mattresses made to your specifications

A bed and your mattress should fit you like a tailor-made suit. Each person is built differently with their own anatomy, individual needs and sleeping style. We provide you with the mattress that is the most adaptable and which can be adjusted at any time. The best sleep outcome is achieved when the base frame and pillow are ideally configured to promote peak performance of your mattress.

Your best rest and sleep starts with expert advice from Magic Schlaf.

The simulator
A sensitive measuring device that precisely maps the body profile and the pressure exerted when lying down. This is how we calculate your ideal mattress in the bed store.

Your body as a yardstick
Complete individualization of all zones. Each individual support element is freely configurable in terms of positioning and firmness.

Incomparable, changeable
The individual support elements can be changed or replaced. This is important when physical changes place altered support requirements on the mattress.

Tencel natural fiber
The mattresses are made of Tencel natural fiber, which is breathable, highly moisture-regulating and kind to the skin.

perfectly adapted.

Bed of Nature

Solid wooden bedframes are perfectly handcrafted with great attention to detail. Choose your favorite wood and we will have the natural wooden frame custom-made for you.

Natural latex is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. The production of latex mattresses is very complex – resulting clearly in exceptional sleeping comfort and body adaptation when compared to conventional mattresses. Due to its excellent hygienic nature, Latex mattresses are ideal for individuals suffering from allergies, inhibiting the existence of house dust mites.

Find out more during a personal consultation in our showroom or in the convenience of your home.

Sleeping climate
Natural temperature regulation of the untreated natural wood provides a pleasant and restful sleeping climate.

Health promoting
For the treatment of the wood’s surface, natural oils and waxes are used and therefore, no synthetic substances or artificial materials are in close proximity and range of your sleeping environment.

Electro smog
There is no electro smog, for example from a smartphone or TV in your sleeping environment.

Easy cleaning
The mattress can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, without cleaning agents, simply with water.

Natural luxury
for every night.

Tempur bed

Tempur bed

Anyone who has ever slept on a TEMPUR mattress will notice and feel the difference compared to a conventional mattress. The viscoelastic material senses your body temperature and adapts perfectly within seconds to provide you excellent comfort. Immediately you feel relaxed with a sensation of being weightless.

We are happy to consult with you in our showroom or at your home.

Sleep quality
Test sleepers rotated only 17 times during the night on a Tempur mattress compared to the average of 80 to 100 times on a standard mattress.

World-wide recommended
The Tempur mattress and sleep pillow are recommended by over 25’000 doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists worldwide

Used in clinics
The Tempur memory foam is used as a base on operating tables in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

The Tempur mattress can be used on any flat or adjustable bed frame. We offer a range of mattresses with different comfort and firmness levels.

The NASA Technology.


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