No perspiring
in bed with the
right duvet.


No perspiring in bed
with the right duvet!

Your duvet is mostly responsible for your bed climate. With a climate-regulating duvet the annoying temperature deviation during the night can be avoided. For hygiene reasons, a duvet should be exchanged every eight years.

Magic Line Kissen


I’m magically drawn to my pillow.

Your pillow adds quality to your sleeping comfort and therefore is a significant supplement to a good mattress. The right neck support pillow lets you get up in the morning without any stiffness. Health aspects are just as important here as they are with your preferred sleeping position.

Neck pain, headaches or even back pain can in some cases be avoided by using a suitable neck support pillow. A pillow loses its support after about 3 to 5 years.

Still looking for the right pillow? Let us give you expert advice in our showroom.

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Wake up as the
most content version
of yourself.

Bring colour
into your

Bed linen

Bring colour into your bedroom.

Our high-quality bed linen invites you to cuddle up and dream away as they transform your bedroom into an oasis of well-being.

Be inspired by the trendy colours and patterns of samples in our showroom and create a special atmosphere in your bedroom.

Hygiene products

And continue to dream carefree…

The advantages of a protective cover for mattresses and pillows are:

  • promotes a dry and hygienic sleeping climate
  • suitable for people who suffer from allergies, as it is mite-proof
  • pleasant to the skin
  • prevention of temperature variations
  • breathable and climate-regulating
  • calm sleeping sensation
  • hygienically clean in the long term

Not to forget:
The favourite breeding place of house dust mites is your bed.

The concentration of mites in a bed can be a hundred times higher than in other places in the home. Mite-proof protective covers for mattresses, pillows and duvets prevent house dust allergy sufferers from coming in contact with bed mites. In this way, the allergen exposure can be reduced and the allergy symptoms decrease noticeably.

For a clean and hygienic feeling every night, a protective cover from Magic Schlaf Zug is essential.

And continue to
dream carefree…

It is simply fulfilling to talk
to children about their dreams.

Children’s collection

It is simply fulfilling to talk to children about their dreams.

Great variety for your little late risers. Our modern collection of suitable mattresses, pillows and bed linen make children’s’ dreams come true. Here you will find cool bed linen for children and teenagers with cheerful or funny designs and skin-friendly and easy-care materials.

Magic Schlaf offers the best bedding products for children and young adults, tailored to the needs of the growing and rapidly changing body. For a magical sleep for the entire family.

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