The right pillow in combination with a good mattress can significantly improve your quality of sleep. Neck, head or back pain can in some cases be prevented by a suitable pillow. Get competent advice in our specialist bed shop.

A pillow has lost its supportive power after three to five years and should be replaced for hygienic reasons.

If you already have your ideal pillow and were satisfied with it, you can easily reorder it in our online shop.

No sweating in bed with the right blanket.


You will find a selection of high-quality feather, down and fibre blankets or those made of natural hair. Different filling materials cover different requirements regarding warmth, washability and allergies. Get competent advice in our specialist bed shop.

For hygienic reasons, you should change your duvet after eight years.

If you already have your ideal duvet and were satisfied with it, you can easily reorder it in our online shop.

Bed linen

Our high-quality bed linen invites you to snuggle up and dream and transforms every bedroom into an oasis of well-being. Let yourself be inspired by the trendy colours and patterns in our showroom and create a refreshing visual highlight in your home.

With Schlossberg Switzerland and Christian Fischbacher, we present you the leading bed linen manufacturers from Switzerland. Even for a smaller budget, we offer you a large number of modern and classic designs in very good quality and various sizes.

And continue to dream carefree ÔÇŽ

Hygiene products

The advantages of a protective cover for mattresses and pillows at a glance:

  • promotes dry and hygienic sleeping climate
  • skin-friendly and breathable
  • warming and temperature balancing
  • water-repellent, air-permeable and climate-regulating
  • calm sleeping feeling
  • hygienically clean in the long term
  • especially suitable for allergy sufferers

For a clean and comfortable feeling every night we recommend our protective covers.

Eider down – luxury from nature.

Eider down is not only an exquisite material for bedding, but also a guarantee for the highest level of sleeping comfort. Their unique structure and quality make them the first choice for people who want only the best for their sleep.

The exceptional softness of eiderdown gently hugs the body and provides a feeling of security. Unlike synthetic fillings, eiderdown retains its ability to insulate without being heavy or oppressive. The result is a bed that feels like floating on a cloud.

Children’s collection

Great variety for little sleepers. Our modern collection of suitable mattresses, pillows and bed linen make children’s dreams come true. With us you will find cool bed linen for children and young adults with cheerful or funny designs and skin-friendly and easy-care materials.

At Magic Schlaf, we present you the best products for children and young adults, which are tailored to the needs of the growing and rapidly changing body. For a magical sleep for the whole family, let Magic Schlaf Zug advise you.


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